Steel Recycling Near Me [Locator Map + Recycling Guide + FAQ] (2023)

Steel is an amazing metal that is 100% recyclable. That means it’s lifespan is endless. We can continue to recycle scrap steel and turn it into brand new metal over and over again. What’s even better is that you can sell your scrap steel for cash. In the article below I will discuss where to recycle it, common recycled steel products, how much you can get for it, and how the recycling process works. I’ll also share my experience with the place that does steel recycling near me.

Map of Steel Recycling Near Me

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What Steel Items Can I Recycle?

Steel plays an essential role in the circular economy, and many steel products can be recycled. One of the main advantages of recycling steel is that it retains its properties no matter how many times it is recycled. This enables steel products to be continually melted and re-processed.

Here are some of the main examples of steel items that are widely recycled:

  • Car Parts
  • Construction materials such as steel roofs and beams
  • Drums used for packaging
  • Household appliances such as refrigerators, washer and dryers, etc…
  • Food cans

Where Can I Recycle Steel Near Me?

While the recycling of steel is carried out at mills and foundries, scrap steel is usually taken to a scrap metal yard in the first instance. The scrap metal is then transported in bulk to the foundry to be recycled.

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For smaller amounts of steel, for example Food Cans, you can use your local curbside recycling pick up or local recycling center.

Aside through from a scrap metal facility their are other options for steel recycling near me. These options will depend on what you have:

  • Appliance Salvage Yards
  • Building Material Salvage Yards
  • Auto Salvage Yards
  • Auto Dismantlers

Can I Sell Scrap Steel Near Me?

Both individuals and businesses can sell their scrap steel. If you want to sell steel, you can do so by finding a scrap yard near you that offers steel recycling. Most scrap yards are happy to pay for scrap steel from individuals looking to recycle scrap steel from their homes, even in small quantities. Likewise, businesses hoping to be paid for scrap steel left over from projects such as construction work can also take their steel along to scrap yards for recycling.

How Much Money Can I Get For Scrap Steel?

If you have some scrap steel you want to get rid of, you may be curious about its value and keen to know how much you may be able to get if you take it to a scrapyard. It is crucial to remember that scrap metals prices are changeable and can fluctuate over time. The type of scrap steel you have can impact the price considerably as well.

Shreddable steel can achieve approximately $252/ton, whereas heavy melting steel can be sold for approximately $293/ton. In contrast, as non-ferrous metal, stainless steel has a very different scrap value and can achieve around $0.76/lb. For current market rates on scrap steel, you can check on iScrap. Rates vary by day and can also vary by State.

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Why is Steel Recycling Important?

Recycling steel is essential to ensure the steel industry’s carbon footprint is reduced. Recycling steel uses less energy than creating virgin steel and also prevents the steel from ending up in landfills.

What are the Challenges of Recycling Steel?

While the environmental benefits of recycling steel are apparent, the process is not without challenges. One of the main difficulties faced when recycling steel is sorting through scrap metal to separate the steel from other components and metals. This is a necessary but often labor-intensive part of the process, which usually requires the use of magnets to draw the steel out. Trying to ensure the steel is not contaminated with other metals is not simple, but if other metals are present and contaminate the steel, its quality and strength are compromised.

The second main challenge that comes from recycling steel is preparing and shredding the scrap steel, so it is ready for melting. This stage of the recycling process is also labor-intensive and involves organizing the different metals into separate piles for melting.

Do Landfills Accept Steel?

Most U.S. states have mandatory recycling laws, and you could be landed with a fine if you breach these and do not recycle the specified items. Some states have landfill bans that prevent items containing steel, such as white goods and steel cans, from being accepted in landfills. To avoid these issues and ensure your scrap steel does not go to waste, it is a great idea to find a scrapyard near you that offers steel recycling.

Recycling the steel rather than putting it in landfills is best for the environment and also helps you to earn some extra cash, so it is well worth looking for a scrap yard instead.

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Whats the Process of Steel Recycling Near Me?

Steel is one of North America’s most recycled materials, and millions of tons of steel are recycled each year. While you may be aware that steel is recycled, you may be wondering how the steel recycling process works.

The process below explains the steps that transform scrap steel into new steel:

Collection and Sorting

Scrap steel is collected and sorted before the recycling process can begin. The steel is collected from scrap yards and taken to a plant to be sorted. The sorting process separates out the different types of metal that may be contained within the scrap and identifies the steel ready for it to be recycled.


The next step in the steel recycling process is for the steel to be taken to a mill or foundry that will facilitate the recycling. The steel is shredded and prepared, ready to be melted. Preparing the steel into smaller parts helps reduce the energy needed in the melting process.

Melting and Purification

The steel is then placed inside a large furnace to be melted. The steel will need to reach a temperature of approximately 2500 – 2800°F before it melts. To steel is then purified to ensure it does not contain contaminants. There are a few purification methods, but electrolysis is a common one.

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After the melting and purification process, the steel needs to solidify. Solidifying the steel involves allowing it to cool in a chamber. Once cooled and solid, the steel is ready to be transported to factories and re-used once again.

Watch the Steel Recycling Process In Action

Watch this awesome video where sparks and flames shoot out and molten metal runs white hot. This is the process of turning scrap steel to fresh steel…

Which Products are Made From Recycled Steel?

As steel is 100 percent recyclable, its lifespan is endless. Recycled steel can be used to make a wide range of products without impacting the quality of the end product. Recycled steel is used to make everything from car parts to household appliances such as refrigerators. It is also widely used in the construction industry to create materials such as steel beams.

Steel Recycling Near Me Conclusion

Since steel is completely reusable it is imperative to seek solutions to recycle it. While there are challenges like separating steel from other metals, it is still very effecient. You can help the process by separating your steel and other metals before you go to a scrap yard. In my experience by doing this you can also net higher profit margins from your metals when you sell them for scrap. This is what I have learned from steel recycling near me.

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